Tea Tree Lemon Facial Oil
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Amazing works to help troubled skin all natural and organic.

Suitable for combination and oily skin, helps to restore normal oil production, balance tone and skin problem. Tea tree is strongly antiseptic working on pimples and blackheads acne for young teenagers and adults.


Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon, Cedarwood, Rosemary.

How to use:

Use as a facial massage oil, apply few drops to fingertips and massage into the face and neck using upward sweeping motions and avoiding eyes. Use at night after washing your skin. Avoid exposure to sun for 12 hours after using Lemon essential Oil.

rosemary are both essential oils that have been used in aromatherapy and skincare for centuries. Cedarwood oil is known for its calming and grounding properties, while rosemary oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

When combined in a facial oil, these two essential oils can provide numerous benefits for the skin. Cedarwood and rosemary facial oil can help to balance the skin’s natural oils, reduce inflammation, and improve the appearance of acne-prone skin.

To use cedarwood rosemary facial oil, apply a small amount to your fingertips and massage into your skin in circular motions. Use in the evening after cleansing and toning your skin, and before applying your moisturizer. You can also use it as a spot treatment on areas of your face that are prone to breakouts.